DESIGN APPROACH        iM STUDIOS, LLC has assembled the unique and diverse talents of highly qualified Principal Practitioners who

continually strive to develop, implement, and realize the full potential of Architectural design + 3D Intelligent
Modeling according to the needs of our various clients. We view the BIM as “virtual design and construction”,
with a built-in information database acting as a shared information repository, integrating all geometric and
qualitative data generated during the Design Phase with all quantitative building information and specific
product data installed during the Construction Phase. BIM is an environment for hosting this valuable
information repository within a virtual representation of the “As-Built” facility, generating a powerful platform
from which to more efficiently and cost effectively manage facility operations and maintenance with remote
access, control, monitoring, and data retrieval capabilities.



The firm was founded in 2010 in San Antonio, Texas as an independent Architectural Design, Building
Information Modeling, and Building Information Management/Data-Network Solutions consulting firm to
provide more efficient and cost-effective Design + BIM Process Implementation, Integration, and Delivery. We
specialize in imaginative and innovative architectural design solutions proactively advancing the use and
integration of computer generated, virtually built environments that are 3D, interactive, and most importantly,
information rich. We are headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, supporting major projects locally, regionally,
nationally in the Federal Government/DoD, County Government, Municipal Government, K-12 Education,
Higher Education, Commercial Development, and Healthcare market sectors.


iM STUDIOS, LLC provides Architectural Design + BIM Support Specialty Services including:
                                          • Programming
                                          • Site Analysis
                                          • Prototype Designs
                                          • Design Reviews
                                          • Construction Phasing Planning (4D Modeling)
                                          •  Disaster Recovery & Response Planning
                                          • Site Utilization Planning in Pre-Construction Phase
                                          • 3D Visualization
                                          • Clash Detection Reviews
                                          • Construction Schedule Sequencing Animations
                                          • Energy Analysis
                                          • Building System Analysis
                                          • Structural Analysis
                                          • Lighting/Photometric Analysis
                                          • Mechanical System Analysis
                                          • Sustainability (LEED) Evaluation & Documentation
                                          • Code Validation
                                          • Cost Estimation
                                          • Constructability Reviews
                                          • Digital Fabrication
                                          • Existing Conditions Modeling
                                          • “As-Built” Conditions Modeling
                                          • Preventative Maintenance Scheduling
                                          • Asset Management Tracking
                                          • Space Management
                                          • Building Envelop Analysis
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